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From Clay Huts to Brick Houses: Molding a Life in brand new Zealand

From Clay Huts to Brick Houses: Molding a Life in brand new Zealand

Christchurch Resettlement Services offers an array of solutions to your refugee and background that is migrant in Christchurch. But to operate these solutions effortlessly calls for the relevant skills and expertise not merely a separate group, but additionally a conscientious and forward thinking board. We’ll introduce you to Wahida Zahedi today. A board user who’s had a relationship with CRS for nearly 13 years.

Wahida is from Afghanistan. A nation which so long as she can keep in mind, happens to be at war. Where training for ladies wasn’t permitted & individual legal rights had been non-existent or simply just perhaps maybe not respected. A nation very different from New Zealand. Wahida’s tale begins in Jaghori, Afghanistan. An area into the province of Ghazni, just below 6 hours drive from Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. Wahida is from an ethnic minority called Hazara. Hazaras have already been persecuted throughout history. The potential risks and problems of life in Afghanistan are very well documented into the news. Maybe Not to be able to go to school that is highas a lady), the next thing that you know journey is of the housewife. There have been no things that are such desires or aspirations.

Bazaar (Market) in Jaghori

Longer tensions that are standing competing tribes made day to day life in Wahida’s village unsafe.